Ladies Oaks Day

Hey everyone! So, I've decided to mix things up and start a beauty category. I'm not much of a beauty fanatic and don't wear a lot of make up (given I'm at the gym the majority of the time). However, when I do dress up, I know what matches and what doesn't ... thankfully. Last … Continue reading Ladies Oaks Day

Yesterday’s Sadness, Today’s Strength

Today was a struggle. I had a massive breakdown last night because I was told some devastating news. This morning I woke up and I felt depressed and unmotivated. I was laying on the lounge for a solid hour and a half and I planned on wasting my entire day, when really I should've been doing … Continue reading Yesterday’s Sadness, Today’s Strength

Healthy vs Unhealthy Eating

Lianna Speers Before contemplating about a healthy lifestyle, it never once crossed my mind that being healthy was actually a thing. I was reading about shortcut workouts in the Women’s Health Magazine and decided to become fit and aim to look like those girls. So, I said goodbye to my Nutella and welcomed carrots into my new lifestyle. I'll … Continue reading Healthy vs Unhealthy Eating

You’re the key to your own happiness

Hey everyone, So, my personal trainer was looking back on some old photos on my Instagram and came across the photo on the left. In all honesty I was proud of the way I looked back then and I weighed 50kg, however, now when I look at it I am shocked, and not proud at … Continue reading You’re the key to your own happiness

Is Your Girl Sexually Interested?

Okay, I know from personal experiences that girls are harder to read than a Chinese manual. Fair call? I think so. So how do you know she’s into you in ‘that way’? You don’t want to end up with a sexual law suit because you made a forward move and she’s freaked out and yelled … Continue reading Is Your Girl Sexually Interested?

My Gym Journey

Originally, I had no interest in the joining a gym, eating within the recommended serving sizes or even owning a pair of trainers. My day consisted of working and relaxing. I was tired during the day and crazy at night times because my body's routine was very confused. I started to notice changes in my … Continue reading My Gym Journey

This Girl

Hi there everyone, Welcome to my blog. I've just made the switch from Google's Blogger to the magical world of WordPress. What can you expect from my blog? Well, I enjoy fitness, health and sex. Yes. I know, sex? It's just something I enjoy writing about, it's not so much about my crazy experiences that … Continue reading This Girl