My Gym Journey

Originally, I had no interest in the joining a gym, eating within the recommended serving sizes or even owning a pair of trainers.

My day consisted of working and relaxing. I was tired during the day and crazy at night times because my body’s routine was very confused.

I started to notice changes in my body that I wasn’t happy about, and I was putting on weight, and it began to show. Even though I am a small built and within a healthy weight range, I was way off the ideal look that women desire.

I wanted to look like those toned women you see advertised on Instagram who has worked hard in the gym and created a body they’re happy with.

So, I made the brave decision and said goodbye to junk food, late night’s and no exercise and changed everything about myself.

It only just occurred to me that blogging about my journey to becoming healthy and happy would be a good idea. I get a lot of hate on social media sites with people commenting negatively on progress photos and social updates or blatantly write their statuses targeting people who seek purpose. I just put it down to jealousy and move on.

So, I started my gym journey 11 weeks ago, and this is what I looked like when I first started:


It’s not a terrible photo, but at 11 weeks as of today, this is the difference:


What helped me achieve the significant difference was exercise and a very strict diet. I was training 6 days a week and working on a different muscle group each day; Legs, shoulders, chest, arms, abs, and back, etc.

My diet consisted of Kangaroo mince, veggies and macadamia oil for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With a carb meal of kangaroo, brown rice and veggies for a post-gym meal. If I was still hungry a snack of Greek yoghurt, protein powder and fruit was eaten before bed. This diet controlled me for 10 weeks straight. No variety. No change.

The bottom line is, if you’re determined enough, anything is possible. Take it from me (being the laziest person ever). Look at where I was, to where I am now.

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