Is Your Girl Sexually Interested?

Okay, I know from personal experiences that girls are harder to read than a Chinese manual. Fair call? I think so. So how do you know she’s into you in ‘that way’? You don’t want to end up with a sexual law suit because you made a forward move and she’s freaked out and yelled rape. You’ve got to be the most unlucky person alive for that to happen. However, let me help you put your mind at ease on this one.
The top 10 signs that she’s actually into you:
1. She messages you first: That’s an obvious one. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. However, make sure you decide whether you like a constantly-clingy girl who messages you 24/7.
2. Let’s watch a movie: If she’s clearly not interested in the movie, but more so grinding up against your main man, what’s that telling you? Excitement only lasts so long until it becomes an annoying tease.
3. Touchy-feely: Usually it’s the guys who are all touchy and wanting something. However, if your girl is making all the moves, take that as a clear indication she doesn’t care about the movie, she only cares about what’s in your pants.
4. T-E-A-S-E: Yes, every girl has the power to tease, especially if they know how to press your buttons, and in most cases it isn’t that hard to do. What makes it more fun is when the intensity rises, and you’re both at peak. You know that ‘manhandling, throwing her on her back and grinding on her stage?’ Yes, that will send tingles down any girl’s spine.
5. Her hips don’t lie: Clubbing – this is the best way to see the way she moves and how she moves. Put it this way guys, if she’s grinding her booty across your third member, take that as a hint as well. Nothing screams ‘take me from behind’ more than a girl twerking on you.
6. She’s playful: Everything is a game, if it encourages you both to roll around on the bed and play fight, then she’s definitely cruisin’ for a bruisin’.
7. Dominance: Girls enjoy having the upper hand at first, just to show you whose boss. Then she’ll tease you and make you excited, resulting in the roles changing. You’re now on top and have the upper hand and it just so happens you’re exactly where she wants you. Play it well.
8. Neck action: If she’s flashing her neck to you, it’s not because she wants to you to look at it. Take that opportunity to caress her neck with your lips, add a little tongue but not too much (you’re not grooming her). Then if you wish to take it further, slowly kiss down her body. Don’t rush, but tease.
9. Lingerie: Suddenly she’s got all this lingerie? Trust me on this one, a girl doesn’t buy lingerie if no one is going to see her in it. That’s about as clear as it gets.
10. Foreplay: So basically, if you have reached this stage then I don’t know what you’re worried about.
However, if she’s all about the teasing and not sealing the deal, well … there’s only so much one can take until they explode, right?
And there you have it. If that isn’t crystal clear, then I don’t know what more to say. Plus if you’ve got a lot to offer and she does too, then you’re in for an exciting night. Don’t be afraid to add some flavour – spice up the night with some sex toys, role play and even throw in some kinky action. Enjoy!

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