You’re the key to your own happiness

Hey everyone,

So, my personal trainer was looking back on some old photos on my Instagram and came across the photo on the left. In all honesty I was proud of the way I looked back then and I weighed 50kg, however, now when I look at it I am shocked, and not proud at all.

I know that I wasn’t fat and I was confident in that body, but comparing the left photo to the right photo, it just makes me believe in ‘anything is possible’.

The left photo was taken roughly two years ago. Yes, I know it was a long time, but from two years ago up until 14 weeks ago I never stepped foot in a gym.

Before and after

The photo on the right was taken roughly three weeks ago. It just goes to show that diet and exercise is the key, both play a special part in the fitness journey. I am 14 weeks into my own journey and weighing in at 54kg. I was scared to put on weight, because I was uneducated about fat and muscle weight. Look at the difference, 50kg in untoned muscle to 54kg in toned muscle. I couldn’t be happier.

Of course I’m not even remotely close to reaching my goals, but everyone needs to start somewhere.

Basically, if you work hard enough towards something, you can achieve it. It was incredibly hard reposting the left photo, especially after seeing the photo on the right.

My goal, I guess would be to inspire other people, I’ve had a few people congratulate me on my efforts and notice my progress. I get a lot of satisfaction knowing I have people looking up to me, that would be one of the greatest gifts in my life.



7 thoughts on “You’re the key to your own happiness

    1. Thanks for your comment :) I lost a lot of body fat through another diert I was on. Then changed programs, now I’m bulking and building muscle, that 4 kilo difference is the lean muscle mass i’m developing. Once I hit 55kg, it’s shredding time:)

      1. Haha, same here. Gaining weight slowly, but never go down the ‘permabulking’ or ‘forever bulking’ route! Keep it clean, stay lean ;) Especially when you’ve got an appetite like mine :/

      2. Yep, the psychology of it makes it far worse! I can out-eat almost anyone. I never want to have to do any real cutting/running considerable calorie deficits, I’d really struggle. Haha.

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