Life is a climb, but the view is great

life is beautiful

What did your Sunday include? Sleeping in? Eating brunch? Movie day? Well, how about climbing a proclaimed dangerous mountain?

On Sunday my friends and I tackled Mount Beerwah, one of the tallest mountains in the Sunshine Coast – totalling a huge 556m elevation.

I know what you’re thinking. YOU’RE CRAZY! I couldn’t agree with you more and my mother, well, let’s just say she isn’t impressed. It isn’t your typical climbing – it’s more like rock climbing without harnesses and protective gear (climb at your own risk).

Beautiful viewsUnfortunately, the summit route has been marked closed due to rock fall. Luckily, the other side was still open and free to challenge ourselves.

It challenged our fitness and motivation towards the end. The climb up took 2 hours and the feeling we had when we reached the top was relieving. The views were breath taking and the fresh air cleared our heads and made us appreciate the world.

The climb back down I’d say was more of a challenge, because by that stage our legs had turned into jelly and the soles of my shoes no longer gripped to the rocks. I had a few near death experiences sliding down the mountain, but it did boost my adrenaline!Breath taking views

When we reached half way I slipped down and landed on a rock. Ouch! I have a lovely bruise on my bum. Lesson learnt though … don’t get too cocky, especially on a mountain.

Finally, what we thought was the bottom turned into a bush walk through thick bushes and broken trees, I’m surprised we didn’t come across a snake or a new species of spider! Somehow we lost the trail and ended up making a trail of our own.

I’ll be honest, I started to lose hope and made 100% sure I had reception … Not to mention those scary bush movies where the bushwalkers get abducted my mutant bushies. Yeah, I’ve watched one to many scary movies…

My wonderful climbing companions Don’t worry though, we did come across the road eventually and somehow managed to take a short cut back to the carpark. What an adventure that was!

It took a total 4 of hours from when we left the car, to when we got back in it. The feeling I had when sitting in the car was like every muscle in my body could happily relax knowing it wasn’t going to fall off a mountain.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed challenging myself, but wow! What an intense adventure. I’m proud that I accomplished it though and got some awesome photos to show for it.


4 thoughts on “Life is a climb, but the view is great

  1. Excellent read! Live life to the fullest. Tackle your fears. Although, I have to say…..a mountain? no climbing equipment? You’re going to give me a panick attack…………… Luv the post!

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