Where Is Journalism Headed?


I know how this will sound coming from a 22-year-old, Generation Y, and ‘I think I know it all’ individual. But, media has come a long way since the Sydney Gazette printed their first newspaper in 1803. Don’t worry; I know what you’re thinking, what does she know about the classical times?

Well, if I’m being honest with you, I’m pretty uneducated about the past. I grew up with colour TV and newspapers delivering news. I don’t know what it was like back then.

When I got my first mobile phone I didn’t even know how to connect to the Internet, let alone retrieve news. It was a small LG flip phone that was only capable of texting and downloading polyphonic ringtones. It’s when technology started to upgrade, that I entered the market of smartphones.

(Photo credit: Blake Patterson, Flickr)
(Photo credit: Blake Patterson, Flickr)

So, where is journalism at now? People can now access their daily news fixes on smartphones and tablets. And if you thought it couldn’t get any easier, think again. Apple has invented the Apple Watch. The devices are becoming so small that I’m wondering what technology has installed for us in the next 20 years?

I wonder if Apple will introduce a watch with a hologram coming out of it? Wouldn’t that be cool? You wouldn’t even have to move from your chair. One click and a screen pops up providing you with endless opportunities.

(Photo credit: m_hweldon, Flickr)
(Photo credit: m_hweldon, Flickr)

Would you buy one if it became available?

How much do you think the new ‘it’ gadget would be?

What are your thoughts on news? I mean, would you prefer having news physically in front of you? You know, like sipping your morning coffee while sitting in your underwear half dressed for work? Or are you the type to read your news on your smartphone on the way to work?

I think print and online newspapers are in strong competition. There has been a transition from print to online journalism for the past two decades according to The Future of Journalism website. Personally, I prefer reading an online newspaper because it’s convenient and I’m always on the move.

I use my mobile phone for everything. Why would I buy a newspaper and carry it around when I can use my smartphone and get instant updates on the world around me?

What do you prefer?

(Photo credit: Matthew G, Flickr)
(Photo credit: Matthew G, Flickr)

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