Reducing Stress During Exams

It’s that time of the semester again when stress is at its peak. As a university student myself, I know that once the semester is over and you submit your final assessment your body goes into holiday mode and forgets everything that you have learned over the last 13 weeks. Plus, all the awesome end of semester parties are leading you a stray. The thought of exams are sitting in the back of your head taunting you and sending random pulses of guilt around your body ruining any chances of fun.

Photo credit: rhodesj, Flickr
Photo credit: rhodesj, Flickr

Once you realise that study should be at the top of your priority list, usually there is only one week left to study for three exams. Now you’ve entered into a new world of stress, coffee and no sunlight. Probably something similar to a full-time job … Oh the joys!

Although it’s natural for our bodies to stress out, there are ways to minimise or even embrace the stress. I know as well as you do that stress is the best motivator to get something done. However, too much stress isn’t healthy either.

Consider these five stress relievers during study break:

Compromise: There’s no point telling yourself you’re going to sit down and study all day and night when really you’ll be sitting in your study space staring at a wall or procrastinating on your phone. Set a realistic goal and then reward yourself.

Master plan: Remember why you entered the crazy life of a university student. Grasp your goal and work towards it, nothing worth having comes easy.

Photo credit: Nickolai Kashirin, Flickr
Photo credit: Nickolai Kashirin, Flickr

Relaxation: After you have set your goals and achieved them, it’s time for some well-earned TLC. Go for a walk, have a snack or watch a movie, but close your books and remove yourself from your study area.

Exercise: You would be surprised at how exercise helps your mentality during extensive amounts of study. You will feel refreshed and motivated and it will also help your concentration during your exams.

Photo credit: Vegan Feast Catering, Flickr
Photo credit: Vegan Feast Catering, Flickr

Healthy lifestyle: I know the word ‘healthy’ is a foreign word to many of you, especially when a uni budget and alcohol play a large part. However, during study and exam times think about adopting a healthy lifestyle if not permanently, then for the duration of exams. Brain foods such as: nuts, blueberries, and wholegrain foods are said to be the ‘go to’ foods according to BBC Good Food.

Exams are a serious part of your degree, but so is your health. There’s no point pushing yourself to breaking point and becoming unfit to perform your best at exams. Pace yourself and make do with the time you have allowed yourself. And if you’re still freaking out, then may I suggest giving yourself more study time next semester.


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