Arch It Girl!

Technically, there are two categories of girls: the girly girl and the tomboy, the good girl and the bad girl and the girl who arches her back during doggy-style and the girl who doesn’t. You can’t scream ‘take me from behind’, bend over and not arch your back … are you asking for an injury?

I know it’s called doggy-style, but seriously what’s the point in curving your back and tucking your ass in like a dog does with its tail? That doesn’t scream sexy at all!

Maybe you should reconsider your position choice if you’re not planning on arching your back and giving your man something sexy to look at. May I recommend the missionary position then? Just lay flat and take it. Curve your back as much as you please, and maybe wrap your legs around him for deeper penetration? Just an idea.

So which are you?

Photo credit: Ashley Steel, Flickr
Photo credit: Ashley Steel, Flickr

The Archer: If you’re on all fours, sticking your ass in the air with your face pushed into the bed or pillow and forcing your stomach towards the bed, you should then have an enjoyable experience and your man will be happy. If you want to get fancy you could take the arching/doggy-style position to the wall and forget the ‘all fours’ idea; AskMen have some great ideas to enhance this position. How flexible are you, though? You’ll need some serious arching ability. Brace yourself.



Photo credit: Anne Wu, Flickr
Photo credit: Anne Wu, Flickr

The Non-Archer: Where do I begin? It is not the position for you if you’re curving your back like a freaky-possessed cat. Like I said, please return to the missionary position. You and your man will not enjoy doggy-style. Firstly, there is nothing sexy about it and secondly, you are cruising for a bruising, and I don’t mean in a good way. You won’t be walking properly for a week.

There is some science behind the whole ‘arching’ idea for doggy-style and no, and it’s not because it enhances the view of her ass and gives you something to grab and smack. Our vagina’s are not an endless path of warm slippery pleasure. Unfortunately, is does come to an end and if you’re taking her to ‘pound town’ from behind she’s going to be in pain. Arching the back welcomes deeper penetration, so if your girl is curving her back chances are she is in grief and trying to reduce the deepness.

You both need to enjoy the experience. Find a position you both enjoy and help each other reach that magical, glowing goal of orgasm. Sadly, females don’t get turned on as quickly as you horn-dog males, it takes a bit more time and effort.

If you want a happy ending, then make sure our beginnings are filled with a guaranteed orgasm with an intense lead up that makes us beg for more!

Photo credit: Daniele Devoti, Flickr
Photo credit: Daniele Devoti, Flickr

3 thoughts on “Arch It Girl!

  1. Hunching over and making your butt bigger in a selfie screams low self-esteem and as I understand it is how some women flirt, that will surely become a last position those women would want to be in when they osteoporosis.

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