Squirting 101

Squirting: The magical orgasm women can have that releases vaginal fluids and shows your man he’s doing something right. However, why is it that not many of us can achieve squirting? Or even orgasm at all? Don’t be fooled, not every women can have an orgasm and if it looks like she is faking it – well she probably is.

Truthfully, it’s all about the G-spot. If you can’t locate that, then you have no hope in achieving the squirting orgasm. I’ll make it real simple for you; the location of this bad-boy is roughly 4-5cm on the front wall of her vagina. That sounds easy doesn’t it? Locating it isn’t the problem, it’s stimulating it and continuing to do so until something spectacular happens. I don’t have to make that colourful for your imagination, do I?

Photo Credit: ANG SHERPA, Flickr
Photo Credit: ANG SHERPA, Flickr

Steps to encourage her to squirt:

Step 1: Create the mood: If the mood isn’t set right chances are she won’t be turned on or even be interested in fondling around with you.

Consider: dimming the lights, turning the TV off, and mobile phones are a big no-no! Although, an exception would be watching porn to stimulate each other. Just remember it’s all about her, not you. No one cares about your testosterone levels in this scenario. Make sure your girl knows she has your full attention, and maybe tell her how sexy she is. It wouldn’t hurt boosting her libido.

Step 2: Arousal: Firstly, you need to turn her on and trust me, it’s not like you can turn on the ‘horny switch’ it doesn’t work like that unfortunately. The majority of the time you have to work really hard to get your girl ‘in the mood’.

Consider: touching her, caressing her body with your hands and lips, kissing every inch of her body, a foot massage, and even a little bit of teasing around her thigh and abdomen. This will certainly get her in the mood.

Step 3: Stimulation: You MUST stimulate her, and I don’t mean finger-bashing her until your fingers hurt or turn into gross gherkins. The key is, slowly and intimately rubbing her clitoris and G-spot. Also try mixing it up by changing speed and direction, but remember don’t overdo it! Aim to tease her. Watch her responses and work off that. You might even like to lick and suck on her clitoris; that will really get the blood pumping in all the right areas.

Consider: teasing her and observing. If she isn’t making any noise then try something else and communicate with her. Although she should tell you what she wants, you might need to help the situation a bit and make her comfortable.

Technically, if your girl isn’t squirting by then, it’s either you need to practice together more or she physically can’t do it – which is completely normal.

Some factors to consider are: she doesn’t feel comfortable around you (you need to be completely relaxed and comfortable with your partner for it to happen), or you both haven’t mastered the location of the G-spot. It can be tricky to find, but it isn’t impossible. Just remember practice makes perfect and don’t be ashamed if it doesn’t happen. You can always aim for a clitoral orgasm and work your way up to a vaginal one. Plus, there are always other ways to enjoy the wonderful adventures of sexual activity!

Photo credit: Daniele Devoti, Flickr
Photo credit: Daniele Devoti, Flickr


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