Dymatize: ISO 100 Protein

Do you ever just walk into a supplement store all confident and daring, but as soon as you step foot into the crazy world of supplements you're overwhelmed by the different brands and benefits? Today, I am reviewing Dymatize ISO 100 protein. I have personally used this brand for just under a year, why you … Continue reading Dymatize: ISO 100 Protein

The Long Journey of Dieting

I moved to Queensland exactly one year ago and established my life, routine and new habits. I'm a completely young and independent woman who runs my life the way I want it to, with little to no outer influences. One huge interest of mine is the gym, and I still can't believe how much time … Continue reading The Long Journey of Dieting

10 Health Facts About Sex

There is a lot more involved in sex than two people becoming physically close and sharing emotions or in some cases similar ideas in having a quickie (each to their own). I bet many people don’t know the health benefits of having sex. Everyone who has experienced sex knows how it feels and how it … Continue reading 10 Health Facts About Sex

Help! I’m Addicted To My Vibrator

Come on ladies; I know you all have that special friend who rocks your world and no, I'm not talking about your crazy-weirdo friend who leaves you in hysterics because they think they're funny. Now, whether your 'special friend' vibrates at eight different speeds or spins in multiple directions, it's going to do you justice. Guaranteed … Continue reading Help! I’m Addicted To My Vibrator

101 Bucket List Ideas

  We all have goals and ambition in life. Whether your aim is to land a job in a multi-million dollar company where you rake in the cash and realistically wipe your nose with a one-hundred dollar note. Or, chill on the streets earning minimum wage and wasting your money on alcohol and drugs. I'm … Continue reading 101 Bucket List Ideas

Ménage à trois

Whether you admit it or not, your sex life is somewhat boring. Originally it made your blood rush around your body and sent tantalising sexual pulses to your clitoris or penis. Karma Sutra has become your most read book, and you've visited enough porn sites to satisfy a nymphomanic's addiction. Enough is enough! What your … Continue reading Ménage à trois