101 Bucket List Ideas


Photo credit: Lauren McKinnon, Flickr
Photo credit: Lauren McKinnon, Flickr

We all have goals and ambition in life. Whether your aim is to land a job in a multi-million dollar company where you rake in the cash and realistically wipe your nose with a one-hundred dollar note. Or, chill on the streets earning minimum wage and wasting your money on alcohol and drugs. I’m not judging, but we are all capable of making decisions, and every decision we make affects our lives in the future.

The question is: Are you living your lives to the fullest and could you honestly say that you’re happy with it? Following your specific routines: going to work, rushing home, cooking dinner, doing your washing, or even watching Masterchef at 7:30 pm?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spice up your life? Being spontaneous and keeping yourself on your toes.

Here are 101 things to do before you die:

1. Skydiving
2. Break a record
3. Say yes to something without even thinking about it. Even if it scares you
4. Have sex in a public place
5. Watch a sunrise
6. Get a makeover that will shock everyone
7. Travel the world one continent at a time
8. Create a killer playlist with all your favourite songs from when you young until now
9. Be serenaded to. Maybe, overseas by a hot Italian meatball
10. Do something completely inappropriate that your grandmother wouldn’t approve of
11. Trust someone
12. Experience heartbreak
13. Give yourself a satisfying orgasm
14. Sleep with someone ten years older than you
15. Scream from the top of a mountain as loud as you can
16. Climb a mountain that will test your endurance
17. Pretend to be someone else (I don’t mean identity theft)
18. Have a picnic on around about
19. Discover your favourite pair of ‘go to’ pants
20. Test drive a car that is beyond your budget
21. Skinny dip in the ocean
22. Donate to $500 to charity
23. Have a F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathon
24. Book a random holiday
25. Visit a strip club
26. Test the boundaries of your comfort zone
27. Get a tattoo
28. Create cup phones
29. Explore a random town
30. Apply for a job that’s way out of your league
31. Find a role model
32. Stalk a celebrity
33. Sit under a tree in a field
34. Go bareback horse riding
35. Dye your hair a bright colour
36. Get a new hobby
37. Experience zero gravity
38. Conquer your fear
39. Get married
40. Buy your first house
41. Learn another language (sarcasm doesn’t count)
42. Stay awake for 24 hours
43. Bury something in the backyard
44. Do something nice for a stranger
45. Dance until you can’t feel your feet
46. Learn a new skill
47. Donate blood
48. Try different diets
49. Go on a crazy weight loss challenge
50. Attend an all you can eat buffet and eat until you explode

Photo credit: Ian Sane, Flickr
Photo credit: Ian Sane, Flickr

51. Play in the mud
52. Go to a clairvoyant
53. Discover your family tree
54. Go in a hot air balloon
55. Scare someone
56. Visit the Seven Wonders of the World
57. Write a biography
58. Go on a blind date
59. Eat something strange: Snails anyone?
60. Sing, dance, kiss in the rain
61. Have a baby
62. Adopt an animal
63. Go to a nude beach
64. Get a Brazilian wax or ball sack wax
65. Ride a motorbike
66. Go 24 hours without technology
67. Voice your opinion
68. Start a blog
69. Swim with sharks
70. Build something
71. Create a new trend
72. Make a new friend
72. Find your soulmate
73. Make a difference in the world
74. Buy a homeless person lunch
75. Grow your own vegetable garden
76. Get blind drunk and question your actions the next morning
77. Experience a hangover
78. Shoot a gun
79. Deliver a note via a bottle in the ocean
80. Get arrested
81. Create a montage
82. Meditate
83. Go to a drive-in movie
84. Go on a TV game show
85. Buy a lottery ticket
86. Spend $500 on one item
87. Have a threesome
88. Ask a random on a date
89. Have a one night stand
90. Experience the walk of shame
91. Host a Big Morning Tea
92. Climb a roof and watch the stars
93. Make someone laugh
94. Treat one day in your life as if it is your last
95. Enter a competition
96. Forgive someone
97. Go on a cruise
98. Consider someone else
99. Follow your dreams
100. Change the world
101. Create your own bucket list

There you go! 101 crazy things to do before you die. Most of these you can accomplish during your everyday life, but some activities will require motivation. Spontaneity is the key, and if you can keep things interesting in your life, then you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Create a bucket list of all the things you wish to achieve before you die. No matter how small or silly they are, it’s whatever makes you happy. Happiness is important in fulfilling a wonderful life, and it’s your life so make it count.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” Mae West

Photo credit: Moyan Brenn, Flickr
Photo credit: Moyan Brenn, Flickr

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