10 Health Facts About Sex

Photo credit: Lies Thru a Lens, Flickr
Photo credit: Lies Thru a Lens, Flickr

There is a lot more involved in sex than two people becoming physically close and sharing emotions or in some cases similar ideas in having a quickie (each to their own). I bet many people don’t know the health benefits of having sex. Everyone who has experienced sex knows how it feels and how it can make you feel. Oooooh yeah!

Let’s get down to business and for you frisky males out there I didn’t mean sexually. Let’s get to the bottom of these health benefits! I don’t want to encourage anyone on engaging in sexual behaviour. However, you might be surprised as to how beneficial it could actually be.

1. Full or partial relief of headaches
The body releases endorphins during sex which is the body’s natural painkiller. Your headache may be gone completely or partially, but it won’t be as bad as it was before.

2. Hay fever cure
Sex acts as a natural antihistamine, say goodbye to a stuffy nose and asthma.

3. Oestrogen boost
Do you ever wonder why some women are glowing? It is because they’re having a lot of sex. When you have sex, you produce more oestrogen which enhances your natural glow! Making you shine bright like a diamond.

4. Sex sport
Interesting sport, but I suppose toning those muscles during an intense session of sex is a lot more enjoyable than running around a sports field.

5. Say goodbye to skin conditions
Sweat is actually good for your skin; if you make love slowly, it cleanses your pores and reduces the chances in suffering from skin conditions such as rashes, dermatitis, and acne.

6. Burn some calories
Men usually burn around 100 calories, while women burn around 69; interestinh number? Just remember the longer the session, the more calories you burn.

7. Suffering from depression?
When you engage in sex, your body releases endorphins into your blood stream making you feel good about yourself.

8. Valium
Who needs Valium when you have sex? Sex acts as a tranquillizer and is a thousand times more effective than Valium. It relaxes your muscles and makes you feel great.

9. Pheromones
The natural chemical you release on the outside of your body, it creates an impact on the opposite sex encouraging sexual behaviour.

10. Kissing
Has more benefits than just locking lips with your lover, it might save you a trip to the dentist as the saliva in your mouth reduces the amount of acid that is the leading cause of tooth decay. Start kissing!

Well, there you go, a sex ed lesson on the benefits of having sex. Just remember always to think smart and use protection. There’re no benefits in catching an STI.

Photo credit: Lies Thru a Lens, Flickr
Photo credit: Lies Thru a Lens, Flickr


Originally posted on Australia’s Best Bars and Nightclubs January 27, 2014

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