The Long Journey of Dieting

I moved to Queensland exactly one year ago and established my life, routine and new habits. I’m a completely young and independent woman who runs my life the way I want it to, with little to no outer influences.

One huge interest of mine is the gym, and I still can’t believe how much time and effort I have dedicated to this. I don’t mean the odd thought in the morning ‘Oh, I think I might go to the gym’, I was actually dedicated to the point of punishing myself if I missed a session and having to make up for it the next day or even miss the one rest day I had in the week. I know what you’re thinking you’re crazy! Technically I was.
After eating a strict diet that consisted of:

– Kangaroo, veggies and macadamia oil 3 times a day
– Kangaroo, veggies and brown rice once a day as a post gym meal
– Protein powder, Greek yoghurt and fruit before bed

I started to see some significant results. I did this diet for 15 weeks and lost a lot of body fat. However, even though I worked out 6-7 days a week at an intense level of reps, sets, and weights. I stopped seeing results as my metabolism became used to it.

That’s when I decided to move on to bigger and brighter things; diet and exercise mostly. I started following a program from BioFitness Personal Training and again, I started seeing better results, I was clean bulking to increase body weight and build strength along the way. The only negative with this diet was my idea of getting fat through the high calorie diet. I was consuming around 2900 calories on work out days and 2100 on rest days. That was all fine, but my mentality couldn’t keep up with the principles of weight gain to better myself when shredding.

image1Now, after recently entering into unfamiliar territory and settling down again, I started another form of dieting called ‘carb cycling’, which my significant other had been trialling for the last eight weeks. Over three days you have high, medium, and low calorie days, which circulates. This way your body doesn’t become too reliant on the carbs you’re eating. Again, once you stop seeing results, generally 8-10 weeks, depending on your body, you can increase the amount of carbs you’re eating.

Unfortunately, becoming a strict calorie counter it does have a down side. Once you hit your macros for the day, that’s it! You can’t sneakily add a piece of chocolate, because you have a sweet tooth. However, the positive side to carb cycling is it encourages flexible dieting. Basically, you can eat anything you want as long as you’re reading the back of the labels and adding up your daily macro intake.

Technically, everyone should follow the nutrition guidelines on the back of packets because it does help maintain weight. It’s there for a reason, however for crazy calorie counters such as myself, it’s like a little cheat sheet to help calculate my overall calories. It’s thanks to the app Easy Diet Diary, that helps me every day.

The only problem I have encountered throughout my journey so far is going home for semester break. You can imagine what families say when they don’t see you for 15 weeks. All they want to do is make you eat and discourage the gym because you’re already skinny’. Well, that may be true, but there is a lot more to just being skinny. The gym, like many other positive addictions out there, creates confidence. Once you see results and achievement, you strive for more.IMG_4866

Self-worth can come from many areas, but for those of you who work out, you can understand that when you put the effort in and start seeing results, that’s when your self-worth shines.


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