Dymatize: ISO 100 Protein

Do you ever just walk into a supplement store all confident and daring, but as soon as you step foot into the crazy world of supplements you’re overwhelmed by the different brands and benefits?

Today, I am reviewing Dymatize ISO 100 protein. I have personally used this brand for just under a year, why you ask? Well, I am lactose intolerant, therefore, buying protein is difficult and expensive.

Dymatize ISO 100 Strawberry Flavour
Dymatize ISO 100 Strawberry Flavour

Dymatize has many flavours to try:

– Birthday Cake
– Cookies and Cream
– Fudge Brownie
– Gourmet Chocolate
– Gourmet Vanilla
– Strawberry
– Pina Colada
– Smooth Banana
– Orange Dreamsicle

I have tried gourmet chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, each tasting sensational after an intense session at the gym. Many proteins don’t hit that sweet spot we all crave after a session. However, 1 scoop (29.3g) of protein to 200mL of water leaves your mouth begging for more; it just tastes so damn good.

This wonderful product comes in 1.6lb (0.725g), 3lb (1.36kg) and 5lb (2.25kg). Don’t worry about fitting this protein into your daily macros because it doesn’t contain fats or sugars and to make this product even more appealing it only contains 1 gram of carbs per serving. You also get 5.5 grams of BCAAs per serving. It’s like a sweet explosion in your mouth, and it’s completely clean.

Usually, depending on my protein intake for the day, I have 1 scoop of vanilla protein in the morning, blended with water and a frozen banana as my pre-gym meal. This combination fills my stomach for my workout and is also a quick way to deliver carbs to the muscles, not to mention it tastes great! Then, after the gym, I enjoy a strawberry shake.

If you wish to mix your breakfast up try: 1 serving of quick oats, 1 scoop of protein, water and fruit, this is also a yummy mix.

Now, for those of you who haven’t tried this product before, I recommend the vanilla if you’re creative and like mixing fruits in a NutriBullet and if you can’t overcome your chocolate addiction, then I recommend the gourmet chocolate.

You can purchase the Dymatize ISO 100 protein for the prices of $53.99 – $139.89 at any supplement store such as Mr Supplement, Nutrition Warehouse or straight from the source at Dymatize 


Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or an educated supplement advisor. This product review is strictly based on my opinion and experiences. 


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