Max’s Lab Series: INTRABOOST

Max's was right when he said 'life's too short to be small'; with IntraBoost by your side during a workout you can say goodbye to muscle fatigue and look forward to that pump! Aim to be big with Max's Lab Series IntraBoost - With two great flavours: grape and green apple, you can enjoy a tasty … Continue reading Max’s Lab Series: INTRABOOST

BPM Labs: Miss BPM LipoFemme

Introducing the ultimate fat burner with a hint of pink to emphasise the girly-ness! Ladies, this one, is for you. I see many Youtube and Instagram posts titled 'What's in my gym bag', well what's in yours? If you don't have a fat burner, then I suggest one that will aid your weight loss journey and achieve … Continue reading BPM Labs: Miss BPM LipoFemme

Awkward Relationship Barriers Revealed

Everyone knows when you start to show interest in someone you have to be on your best behaviour and when I say that, I mean not turning them off as soon as they get to know you because you happen to be the most disgusting individual ever. So, the question that remains is, when is … Continue reading Awkward Relationship Barriers Revealed

Cellucor: Alpha Amino

I always get really excited when I find a product that tastes similar to something I limit myself to. Cellucor's Alpha Amino mixture is a perfect example. I wasn't too sure what to expect when drinking this during my gym session, but I was surprised at how similar it tastes to cordial. If you're like … Continue reading Cellucor: Alpha Amino

Cheery Churros Mooloolaba: The Ultimate Cheat Day Venue

  Shhhhh! Did you hear that? I have a secret, something that you probably never heard of. The best cheat meal venue any committed athlete could wish for is just around the corner. Introducing Cheery Churros! Feast your eyes on endless amounts of mouth-watering sweets. If you’re a strict dieter who doesn’t allow cheat days … Continue reading Cheery Churros Mooloolaba: The Ultimate Cheat Day Venue

EHP LABS: OxyWhey 100% Lean Protein

One word, DELICIOUS! If you’re obsessed with french vanilla slices, but sadly had to sacrifice them due to your diet, then this is the ultimate protein for you. It's satisfying drinking a protein shake that's sweet and tasty; plus with EHP Labs 100% lean protein formula you can drink this guilt free, because every scoop is … Continue reading EHP LABS: OxyWhey 100% Lean Protein

Fitness From A Professionals Point Of View

I’m guessing many of you are wondering where I get my motivation from, especially those of you who actually know me. Originally, I was lazy. I couldn’t motivate myself for the gym or anything relating to physical activity. Photo credit: Mitchell ShepherdToday, I interviewed the co-founder of BioFitness Personal Training, Mitchell Shepherd, to get some insight on his … Continue reading Fitness From A Professionals Point Of View

A21 Campaign: Be Her Freedom

On the 1st of August, I was invited to attend the Be Her Freedom event that aimed to spread awareness and raise money for women and children subjected to human trafficking and sex slavery. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to buy a ticket worth $70, so I volunteered instead. The event was organised by a group … Continue reading A21 Campaign: Be Her Freedom

A change for the better

Tomorrow I'm going into my fourth week of carb-cycling, intense training and cardio. I have noticed a significant change in my body; I've become stronger, and I've started to see muscle definition. The weights I am lifting and the reps I am achieving show that motivation and sacrifice pay off. The health professionals are reputable when … Continue reading A change for the better

Platinum Labs: OptiBurn Amped

There are so many fat burners on the market that claim to shred the kilos and make your body look tighter, but how many of them actually work? I've tried a few and so far they have been satisfactory, and my body didn't get that 'wow' factor. It was until a friend of mine offered me … Continue reading Platinum Labs: OptiBurn Amped