A21 Campaign: Be Her Freedom

Photo credit: Be Her Freedom Sunshine Coast, Facebook Page
Photo credit: Be Her Freedom Sunshine Coast, Facebook Page

On the 1st of August, I was invited to attend the Be Her Freedom event that aimed to spread awareness and raise money for women and children subjected to human trafficking and sex slavery. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to buy a ticket worth $70, so I volunteered instead.

The event was organised by a group kindhearted of ladies who are passionate about making a difference for underprivileged children overseas. It provided insight on how the A21 Campaign dedicates their time and effort to raise money to remove the victims.

Guest speaker Tracey Bell-Henselin poured her heart out by delivering her experiences and stories to the audience. Each woman at that event opened their hearts and their purses to contribute to the fundraiser.

It was the first Be Her Freedom event to be held on the Sunshine Coast, and it was successful. There were 110 tickets sold and roughly $15,000 was raised.

Two excellent companies offered their products to help raise money for the fundraiser with all proceeds going into the A21 Campaign.

Founder Hannah Vasicek of Francesca Collections was one of the companies who donated a IMG_5699significant amount of jewellery specially designed for Be Her Freedom called ‘Be Hers’. Everyone could choose to buy a ring with ‘freedom’ written on it, or a bracelet with ‘Let Hope Rise’, or a necklace with a pearl pendant saying ‘Let Hope Rise’.

IMG_5700Alison Neradovsky owner of Lovinlife designed beautiful soy candles for the event with labels ‘Courage’ and ‘Freedom’ signifying the two fragrances. Courage’s Scent: Sandalwood/Orange/Vetiver/Ylang-ylang/Orange
Freedom’s Scent: Rose/Patchouli

Because this event was such a success, the Sunshine Coast will be hosting another event next year. Women love to meet up and share their passions. It’s what makes us human. I suppose what makes this event so special is the inner feeling every woman gets when confronted with the disadvantaged communities around the world, who are forced into profane environments.

What Australia is probably unaware of it human trafficking is happening right in front of us. However, we are blind to the signs and dangers of it. Tracey revealed that even teenagers in Australia are being drugged and sold into sex slavery and never seen again.

According to the Be Hers website, statistics state that only 1-2% of victims are rescued and on average the youngest is only 12 years old.

Ask yourself, what would you do if that was your child?

Please donate to the A21 Campaign and help remove the children from these circumstances. Every child deserves a fighting chance at life. Every little donation counts to the overall goal; do something that you can feel good about and confidently say “I helped someone today”.


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