Fitness From A Professionals Point Of View

I’m guessing many of you are wondering where I get my motivation from, especially those of you who actually know me. Originally, I was lazy. I couldn’t motivate myself for the gym or anything relating to physical activity.
Photo credit: Mitchell ShepherdPhoto credit: Mitchell Shepherd

Today, I interviewed the co-founder of BioFitness Personal Training, Mitchell Shepherd, to get some insight on his opinions regarding fitness.

Mr Shepherd has received his Certificate III and IV in fitness at the Australian Institute of Fitness. He has also achieved mechanics of lifting and level one and two in Kettlebells from the Iron Edge workshops.

“I think the biggest challenge for people would be consistency,” says Mr Shepherd.

Becoming fit doesn’t mean forcing yourself into a strenuous exercise that leaves your body hating you for the rest of the week.

He says: “If you go for a run or a walk couple times a week to start [to get into a routine you’re on the right path[.]”

With a total of 37 clients, Mitchell has transformed and helped people reach their fitness goals over the past year. I have taken a personal challenge to experiment with his fitness program and have continued to do so for the last eight weeks.

I will be sharing my tips and tricks, which I have tried through the BioFitness program. What works for me might not necessarily work for you. However, Mitchell is happy to help new clients willing to transform their bodies.

By offering support and “tough love,” Mr Shepherd dedicates his time to learn about his client’s lifestyle and attempts to change bad habits such as unhealthy eating and drinking.

Photo credit: Luke Ma, FlickrPhoto credit: Luke Ma, Flickr

I keep wondering whether becoming fit and joining a gym has become a trend over the last few years. Fitness apparel and supplements have become the shiny toys of training, so in my opinion, I feel if you don’t carry a shaker around with you, then you don’t have the label of a proper gym junkie.

Social media and the media have played a large part in the gym becoming a trend. But without the help of big supplement companies and Mr Olympia, people wouldn’t have changed their thoughts about their health, according to Mr Shepherd.

People try different diets that work in conjunction with their crazy training programs. However, what’s the difference between strict dieting and flexible dieting?

“Flexible dieting is where you have set calories or macros, and you can eat whatever fits those macros or calories … As for a strict diet, you could have a meal plan with certain foods on it that you have to eat,” he says.

We know exercise should be incorporated into our daily activity, but how much exercise should we be doing?

Mr Shepherd reveals that everyone is different, and it all depends on the lifestyle of the person. If you’re a busy person with a full-time job, then two days a week is a good start.

Photo credit:, FlickrPhoto Credit:, Flickr

If your primary goal is to lose weight, Mr Shepherd recommends avoiding:

  • Junk food
  • Soft drinks
  • Diary

Why diary? “It does slow down your digestion time[,] so if you have say a bowl of cereal in the morning then a coffee and then more at lunch[,] your body is really pushing to digest everything and it will be store[d] as fat,” he says.

Mr Shepherd says: “[Supplements are a] waste of money [and] bad for your health … My first tip [would] be, go buy whole foods first.”

  • Lean meats
  • Nuts
  • Vegetables

Overall, working out could help your lifestyle in the long run. Your sleep, muscles and joints will be better, and your body will flush out the toxins through sweat.

If you wish for more information you can directly contact Mitchell Shepherd.

Phone: 0474 201 629

Photo credit: Mitchell ShepherdPhoto credit: Mitchell Shepherd

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