Cheery Churros Mooloolaba: The Ultimate Cheat Day Venue



Shhhhh! Did you hear that? I have a secret, something that you probably never heard of. The best cheat meal venue any committed athlete could wish for is just around the corner.

Introducing Cheery Churros!

Feast your eyes on endless amounts of mouth-watering sweets. If you’re a strict dieter who doesn’t IMG_6284allow cheat days in your diet, then you shouldn’t read any further because this will be torture.

However, for flexible dieters and people who have the unreliable discipline, I guarantee this will make you wish your cheat day was tomorrow.

I wasn’t convinced about a cheat day for myself as I am only six weeks into my new carb cycling diet, but I started to feel flat, and my body wasn’t enjoying the workouts anymore. I needed to weigh up the importance of shocking my metabolism or continuing training, but not to the best of my ability.

The cheat day had won, and I probably ended up consuming about 4000 calories in 1.5 hours. The morning after my abs were still visible, and I felt revived! I made the right decision.

IMG_6288Cheery Churros was an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. The owners were friendly and encouraging and didn’t judge on the amount of food that was ordered.

A total of $58.00 was spent. What was ordered? Well –

  • 2 American style hotdogs
  • 1 Pig sandwich
  • 1 serving of cheesy fries
  • 7 deep fried Oreos
  • 1 deep fried Mars Bar
  • 1 churro pizza with the lot
  • 2 gluten free doughnut

Unbelievable prices, great tasting products and the friendly service made my first cheat day one to remember.IMG_6287-1

Come down to 14 River Esplanade Mooloolaba to experience the wonderful flavours of America. I
guarantee you won’t taste a better hotdog than the American styled ones at Cheery Churros and don’t even get me started on the deep fried Mars Bars…

I don’t know about you, but those photos just made me hungry.

Don’t be lazy and spend your cheat day buying from your local supermarket. Get creative and feel satisfied!

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