Awkward Relationship Barriers Revealed

Photo Credit: Sam Caplat, Flickr
Photo Credit: Sam Caplat, Flickr

Everyone knows when you start to show interest in someone you have to be on your best behaviour and when I say that, I mean not turning them off as soon as they get to know you because you happen to be the most disgusting individual ever.

So, the question that remains is, when is it the appropriate time to cross those awkward barriers? Or should they even be crossed at all?

Top 5 awkward relationship barriers:

Number 1: Farting – Well I know this is 50/50 chance depending on the person you’re with. Some partners don’t care and think it’s natural and okay as long as you’re polite about it. However, other partners are dead against it, and if you were to fart in front of them they would end the relationship and run away like a little girl … Oh please, like you don’t fart yourself… I’d say as soon as you got this one over and done with your stomach can relax, and you can say goodbye to those awkward cramps that make your stomach gurgle. It’s like internal farting; only it’s more embarrassing because the other person knows you’re holding a fart in.

Number 2: Crying – Depending on how unemotional you are, your partner might never see you cry. However, it is okay to cry in front of your partner. A large part of a relationship is letting your guard down and showing your soft side; if you think you’re too ‘strong’ to cry, then you’re too strong to be in a relationship, and you should keep your independent self away from another person. I’d say the earlier you cry in front of your partner, the more connected you’re going to feel. Crying isn’t a sign of weakness, but a sign that we’re human.

Number 3: Pooping – So, it’s one thing pooping in your toilet when you have company, but pooping in your partner’s toilet is a whole new level of comfort. Only take this step if you’re completely comfortable with each other unless of course, you have no shame, then I feel sorry for your other half. If you’re the type of person who urgently needs to go, but you don’t want your partner to hear what you’re doing, running the tape is the oldest trick; the newer trick is to fill the toilet bowl with toilet paper, somehow it minimises the ‘drop’ sound.

Number 4: Flaccid Penis – So maybe you were shocked at how big it was when you first saw it? Don’t worry that won’t last, because once you become comfortable around each other, there is no need to impress with size. Now, your reaction will be ‘OMG, your penis is so small. I’ve never seen it that small before’. Probably don’t say that if your partner is fragile and your relationship is relatively new. But just remember guys, us girls will be surprised either way, but it’s just only one size will please us.

Number 5: I Love You – This would probably be the most awkward relationship barrier to cross. It could go either way; one of you say it and the other stares blankly at you in shock … mood killer or you are both head over heels for each other, and it’s completely natural. There’s no way to tell when it’s the right time, but if you feel it go for it.

Well, there it is. Top 5 awkward relationship barriers to cross. How daring are you?

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