Cyborg: Ultra Leaan Protein

Ultra leaan? More like Ultra yummy! Cyborg Sport has created a protein drink for pre, intra and post workout. This protein blend has essential amino acids for recovery and performance. If you don't like drinking water during your workouts, then I suggest Ultra Lean Protein. When working out it's always recommended to stay hydrated, so why … Continue reading Cyborg: Ultra Leaan Protein

Amino Logic: Phytologic 2.0

Lean, mean, and green are three words you'll achieve when drinking your daily super greens from Amino Logic. The majority of us don't have time to create a balanced diet with all the essential fruits and vegetables - that's why we have supplements to help us along the way. However, by adding Phytologic 2.0 into … Continue reading Amino Logic: Phytologic 2.0

Getting to the bottom of allergies

I recently had an allergy test done at my local skin specialist because my eczema started to become unbearable. I've suffered from this skin condition since I was a little girl, but finally decided to get to the bottom of it and try to avoid it or perhaps control the situation. I had around 40 allergens … Continue reading Getting to the bottom of allergies

Tribeca: Skinny Protein

From the creators of GreenTea X50, Tribeca has said they have the best tasting protein on the market, and they weren’t joking. Skinny protein has won my vote; it’s full of flavour and has a delicious creamy texture to it. If I did a blind taste test, I’d honestly believe it was a milkshake. Josh Watkin, the owner … Continue reading Tribeca: Skinny Protein

APN: Rapid Shred

There are many supplements on the market that claim to make you lean and mean, but how many of them actually work? If you have a conversation with someone who doesn't train, they would tell you it's all bogus and a waste of money. While this could be true everyone still buys it regardless, but … Continue reading APN: Rapid Shred