This Seasons Newest Fashion Accessory: Karma

Originally, my first article about the phoney fashion designer Shardz Houranis detailed the inappropriate and disgusting behaviour that myself and many other models encountered during the period we worked for him. It has come to my attention that recently the media has updated the public on the ongoing investigation of the "designer". I remembered working … Continue reading This Seasons Newest Fashion Accessory: Karma

Aminologic: Magna Redz 2.0

Who desperately needs a good night's sleep? I know I always look forward to hitting the pillow because my days are jam-packed! Sometimes it's hard to settle for the evening due to busy lifestyles and late night training sessions, but with Aminologic's Magna Redz 2.0 handy, you can say goodbye to restlessness and hello to … Continue reading Aminologic: Magna Redz 2.0

Optimum Nutrition: Gold Standard Pre Workout

I'm forever testing out new pre workouts because I am never happy with them. Sometimes I receive a big buzz that affects my anxiety, and I can't calm down and other times I get a surge of energy and then crash half way through my session. The majority of athletes depend on pre workout to … Continue reading Optimum Nutrition: Gold Standard Pre Workout

BPM Labs: The Delta Zone

Do you have trouble sleeping at night and find that you wake up every couple of hours? Maybe you're waking up feeling drained and delirious? Sadly, the day waits for no one, so you still have to drag yourself out of bed and start the day. Luckily BPM Labs have created a supplement that helps … Continue reading BPM Labs: The Delta Zone