This Seasons Newest Fashion Accessory: Karma

Originally, my first article about the phoney fashion designer Shardz Houranis detailed the inappropriate and disgusting behaviour that myself and many other models encountered during the period we worked for him. It has come to my attention that recently the media has updated the public on the ongoing investigation of the “designer”.

I remembered working for him and being told I was worth it and that we were going to get married and go on dates. I suppose being new in the industry and trying to build my profile I thought I was special. Soon after, I realised that Shardz had a new favourite every week and would brush off and be rude to the last girl he was with, especially when it didn’t work the way he wanted.

However, as of recent, I am more than pleased with the outcome and the update regarding the investigation proves just how poor the whole situation was. Shardz had pleaded guilty to 14 indecent assault charges at Waverly Local Court. I never once thought someone would come forward and expose him for all his wrong-doings – it was brave and heroic! And on behalf of us models, I would like to congratulate the girls Tia Wright and Tayla Novelli for coming forward and making a stand.

Tia Wright, one of the first victims to come forward and establish the movement, says: “I’m really pleased with the outcome and that all these girls are finally getting justice for speaking up. This wouldn’t of happened without the help from all the girls. It’s realiving [sic] to know that its coning [sic] to an end and that no other girls have to go through what we all did.”

I remember the very last encounter I had with him after I was forced to drive his car home from the photo shoot and my best friend witnessed how uncomfortable I was from the backseat. After arriving at the accommodation, he stopped me in the driveway and demanded answers as to what I wanted and if I was committed to the modelling industry and him. Unfortunately for him, I did not want the same things as he did. He verbally told to keep all the gifts he gave me throughout the day until I was 100% sure. I knew exactly what I wanted and it wasn’t to be with him, I returned the gifts, which included Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, a branded hat and outfit from the photoshoot that day. He was not happy.

Ultimately I felt relieved once he left, my best friend and I remained in the apartment and processed the events of the day; she kept saying she “was disgusted”. I knew a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and my family and friends were happy that I was no longer a part of the sleazy industry. It impacted my thoughts on the trade and declared I would never re-enter it unless it were for general purposes. As far as I was concerned, the modelling world was not for me.

Unfortunately, due to Shardz changing his name on his old Facebook profile, I can not upload any more screenshots of our conversation, because it would come across as an unreliable source. However, based on the facts and the previous photos attached to my last article, it already shows the type of person he is.

I’m euphoric to know that the models have received justice, and he has not sweet-talked his way out of the consequences of his actions.

According to Mamamia, Shardz is out on bail until December 15, but rest assure, I’m certain we are all patiently waiting for the result.

For now, I guess Karma does look good on some people.


** Disclaimer: This article is written solely on my personal experiences. All information published has already been publicised by the media, and no new information has been added. All information has been accredited for.



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