A 4 Week Dry Spell

Credit: midwestnerd, Flickr

Over the last four weeks, I have experienced a dry spell in dieting and training. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve injured my shoulders and that put a negative spin on my regime or if the fitness and the dieting world became too much and I started to hate what I was doing?

It took a lot of convincing and practice to let go of all my old dieting habits and training methods to relax and let my shoulder heal. Although, dieting was more of a psychological aspect. It had consumed me- my thoughts- my beliefs and my goals. You can imagine how hard it was to eat normal. I almost felt guilty and sick to my stomach knowing I had to eat normal foods and put on fat to make myself stronger and happier.

Four weeks into my what every day people call ‘normal life’ and I’m sitting on 53kg. That’s exactly what I was before I started counting calories accustomed to my goals and desires. I quit when I was sitting at 51kg and had my abs showing.

You’re probably wondering why? Like, why quit when you’re so far ahead and looking your best? I know it sounds crazy, but I nearly went crazy, and I went completely overboard. I lost all sights of what was really important to me, which started to bother me. I suppose, what I need to do is find a balance in my life. While the gym is an important part, so are family, friends, and relationships.

It’s nearly the end of 2015, and after a well-earned four weeks off, I’m excited to say I will be getting back into it in the New Year. I would love to compete, but it doesn’t matter to me. I’ve done my competing when I was a child. Being a competitive gymnast, and having all that discipline was very time-consuming and took a lot of dedication. So, I think training will be a hobby and a ‘me’ thing.

I guess you could say it keeps me sane and level headed.


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