Christmas Food Comas


giphy (1)

If you have amazing discipline and didn’t cave in to the delicious foods of Christmas, then I personally congratulate you. However, if you were in the other group of food getting the better of you, then I also congratulate you. Because, you’ve allowed yourself to enjoy the one day in the year that the best of the best foods come out and that takes even more discipline than it does to say NO to it.

Why? Because, once you’re set in your fitness and dieting ways it’s very hard to let go of your dieting controls; especially if you’re committed to calorie counting.

Usually, people who count feel like they’re cheating because they’re ‘going backwards’. But, I look at it like a slingshot effect. One day in the year where you let go and enjoy, will send you flying into the New Year rejuvenated and body-happy. Trust me on that.giphy

However, if you’re feeling naughty our Aussie hero Kayla Itsines will help you get back onto the fitness wagon. Don’t worry if you’ve lost your bikini body, it’ll have a come back and you’ll look better than ever.

I hope all my beautiful blog followers had a wonderful Christmas and festive season. Next up New Year’s, be happy and safe and welcome to the New Year. Many wonderful things to come for Train Hard, Stay Beautiful. New challenges and reviews to come.

Until, 2016.



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