Sweating: The pros and cons

If you’re anything like me, I LOVE to sweat at the gym. I was always jealous when my partner would leave with his clothes drenched and I hardly even broke a sweat (even though I worked hard and could hardly move). I started to experiment with water intake and supplements. So far, I have found that the more water I am drinking, the more I sweat. However, by excreting sweat I need to replace it. So I have to keep those fluids up! I also found that certain pre-workouts also make you sweat like an animal. Recently, I consumed Nutrex: Outliftt before my leg session and I couldn’t believe how stimulated I was. I was raring to go- mind, body and soul! A couple of sets into squats and the sweat was pouring out … It was sensational!

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Walden Farms taste sensation

If you’re anything like me, I LOVE sauce. Especially BBQ sauce; I would smother everything I ate with it. No, I don’t have a sauce fetish. Sadly, however, when I started this crazy journey of dieting, I had to say goodbye to the wonderful taste of the sauce. I say wonderful because it’s full of carbs.  A recommended serving size is 10mL, which is hardly anything if you calculate the 7g of carbs by the weight of the sauce, it begins to add up and take up precious calories, because who gets full on the sauce?

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