Well, originally Valentine’s Day cheat day was supposed to be the most pleasant day of the last 5 weeks of clean eating. However, after planning the cheat day to the finest of detail, everything backfired.

The plan was:

Finish work at 3 am and go straight to the gym for an arms session. That was all right, but when I arrived at the gym with my partner, I tried a new pre-workout, which unfortunately did not agree with me. I had nearly finished my arms session when I felt a gym-power-spew come along. It wasn’t pretty, and I can safely say that I have been turned off pre-workout (at least for now). I’ll just stick to my coffee.

Then we were supposed to go to Decisions for breakfast, which we attempted but the kitchen didn’t open for another hour, so we decided to go home and return for lunch. I was still very queasy at this stage. As soon as we arrived home, I jumped into bed and wasn’t seen again for 6 hours. Mind you; we did stay up for nearly 24 hours without sleep. I failed and fell short a few hours, while Joshua kept eating. You go, boy!

Finally, I rose from my grave and saw the light of day, and no I didn’t feel any better. We came out for lunch, and I could hardly stomach any food, and believe me the Nutella shake and strawberry muesli was delicious!


I couldn’t eat any more food after that. We had reservations at a beautiful sea front restaurant, and I had my eye on the seafood platter, I hoped that my stomach would hold up for that. Thankfully it did.

As soon as we arrived home I needed to sleep… my body was tired and telling me it was enough! Joshua continued to munch on food while I slept the night away.

Usually, when I wake up the next day, I regret all the time I wasted not eating and enjoying the unlimited amounts of food. But, the next day I woke up happy because when you train your body to eat good foods you become happier and healthier, and your body loves you for it.

I weighed in at 51.9kg the morning on the cheat day, which has been my best weight since being in prep. So, that was enough motivation to keep me going. Instead of having another cheat day, I think I might just eat a TimTam here and there when I feel like one.

Listening to your body helps when you’re trying to reach a goal in life.


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