A Fitness Freaks Fantasy | Nutrition Station Kawana

If you haven’t already heard, the newest and healthiest food destination is opening right under your noses. Nutrition Station is your health and fitness ultimate refeed go-to joint and it’s open!


The coast hasn’t experienced a health hub dedicated specifically to athletes and people who wish to eat consciously. The fitness industry booming more than ever I’d say it’s the freshest hotspot to open on the Sunshine Coast, but more specifically Kawana Shopping World.

It can be challenging finding something to satisfy your taste buds and more importantly your diet. It must look and taste delicious and if it convinces your body you’re eating something other than your usual chicken and broccoli, then that’s an added bonus.

The saying ‘everything in moderation’ is accurate and the people at Nutrition Station are there to cater for your daily food needs.

It’s always hard walking into a food venue and not knowing exactly how much you’re consuming. The Nutrition Station menu has you covered! With every calorie accounted for, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating and how much.

As soon as I heard that they were franchising in the Sunshine Coast, I immediately downloaded the menu and started organising the foods I was going to try. The protein pancakes sold me straight away. I couldn’t imagine anything better than gooey maple syrup smothered over my fluffy pancakes. Plus, every time I try and make them at home, I always manage to burn them (patience is the key).

I have this funny feeling that I will be there more than I should, maybe I’ll become a part of the furniture? It’s in a convenient location and everyone is familiar with Kawana Shopping World. Remember the old Yoghurt Land that closed down? (Sad face). Well, Nutrition Station has taken over.

Create your own unique meals plans that cater to your needs and have them delivered to your doorstep. You can now enjoy your new and healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Station has an inviting and fresh presence that when you walk past you’re intrigued by the colour scheme and friendly customer service. You’re in for a treat.

I won’t be feeling guilty about driving to this café because the healthy options and delicious tastes remind me it’s okay to indulge in good food and feel good afterwards.

Oh, and that reminds me, I better start deciding on my first Insta post and hashtags because who doesn’t love a good food selfie #cleaneating #fitspo #nutritionstation.

For your own Nutrition Station pics, tag with @nu_kawana

Where: Shop 420, Kawana Shopping World, Buddina.
What: 7am-9pm, 7 days a week.

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