5 Easy Bodyweight booty exercises

You don’t have to tell me twice about how hard it can be to fit in a gym session where you’re activating all your muscles and waddling to the car. The reality is, we all have priorities and a lot of us can’t fit in a gym session or even make to the gym. That’s why I’ve decided to gather a few easy DIY booty exercises that can be done at any time of the day, without needing a gym membership or any weights.

It appears the goal on most fitness lists is to build a booty. There’s the social craze circulating the Internet of booty pics and statuses praying the booty will grow. Below are 5 exercises that can be done in less than 15 minutes.

5 exercises to help build your booty:

1. Squat jumps

Reps and sets: 4 x 20

Technique: Squat down to a 90-degree angle and swing your arms up and over your head. Land back down with your knees bent.

Challenge: Change it up with a wall squat and add a plate or kettlebell on your lap. Hold for 1-minute and do that 3 times.

2. Glute Bridge

Reps and sets: 4 x 20

Technique: Push your hips up and squeeze your glutes (butt  cheek muscles) pause at the top while still squeezing and then relax and bring your hips back to the floor.

Challenge: If that’s too easy try single leg glute bridges 4 sets 20 reps each leg. If you don’t feel the burn you can work your way up to the barbell hip thrust, where you can add your desired weight.

3. Walking lunges

Reps and sets: 4 x 20 per leg

Technique: Start standing shoulder-width apart, step out and bring your back knee near to the ground but do not rest it on the ground. Keep your back straight, don’t let your knee go over your foot and then drive through your front heel until both legs are straight.

Challenge: If you’re confident and not feeling the burn you can add weights in each hand and do 4 sets 20 reps each leg.

4. Body weight squats

Reps and sets: 4 x 20

Technique: Stand with your legs a little bit wider than your shoulders with your toes pointing outwards slightly and look forward. Bend your knees and stick your bottom out and keep your back straight, drive back up using your heels and knees and squeeze your bottom as you’re returning to the starting position.

Challenge: If you’re not feeling the burn anymore, progress to barbell squats and add your desired weight.

5. Single leg kickbacks

Reps and sets: 4 x 20 per leg

Technique: Place your arms shoulder-width apart and kneel on the ground. Lift your leg up so your hamstrings are lining up with your back and hold for a second or two. Release and return your leg back to the ground.

Challenge: If you find this exercise easy, you can try it using the cable machine at the gym. Same concept only you’ll be pushing your leg straight out behind you and standing for it.

If you’re starting out, I recommend doing one cycle of the 5 exercises. If you’re more of an intermediate gym junkie, I challenge you to three cycles of the 5 exercises.

Let me know in the comments how you go.