Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival

The Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival (SCFF) marks the 10th anniversary this year. Fashion Week has ended but the SCFF will continue on with the global fashion celebrations. The aim is to be the last destination to celebrate. The SCFF will showcase local labels and incorporate international labels to create the internationally recognised fashion event.

ICYMI! Here’s all the information you need to attend the SCFF this October.


The Events Centre, Caloundra.


Saturday, 21st of October, 2017.

How much?

Tickets vary between $65.00 – $200.00. You can make your appropriate selection on the tickets page.

What’s on?

  • Trade Lounge
  • Events
  • Catwalk show

Train Hard & Stay Beautiful interviewed two coastal labels who will be showcasing their brands on the catwalk at the fashion festival.


The Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival: +Mvmt

Credit: +MVMT

+MVMT is an activewear label that launched on September 1st, 2017. Designer, Sarah Joseph has created a brand that caters for everyone, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone who is constantly on the lookout for comfortable activewear.

“Exercise isn’t for everyone, but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear the right gear…” she says.

Based on the Central Coast, Joseph can see her label integrating with the Sunshine Coast sunny coastal environment.

“The sunshine coast is all about the out doors [sic], with its beautiful weather and stunning scenery I can see +MVMT fitting in very well there,” she says.

Like other designers who will be attending the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival, Joseph is looking forward to featuring her line on the catwalk.

“I am dying to see my creations on the runway and also SCFF work with like minded [sic] ethical companies,” she says.

The Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival: +Mvmt

Credit: +MVMT

The Sunshine Coast Festival is only a couple of weeks away and for any local designer being a part of an internationally recognised fashion event is great for business, Joseph says: “I am dying to see my creations on the runway.”

+MVMT is planning their next collection, which will be full of colour and inventive designs. Joseph holds an ethical standard with her label and only uses humane boutique manufacturers to bring +MVMT to life.

“… no matter how much or how little you train, you will always look incredible doing it! I want active wear to look highly fashionable and cool, and not like your standard exercise clothes.” 

Arvia Active

The Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival: Arvia Active

Credit: Arvia Active

Avia Active is a Bali born label with a Hong Kong essence added to it. Tiffany Bisley, founder, and all-rounder of Arvia Active took the leap of faith June this year when she launched her label at the Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong.

“Arvia Active is a design centered [sic] fashion label focused on creating functional, fashion forward, active wear utilizing only sustainable fabrics and methods,” she says.

The Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival: Arvia Active

Credit: Arvia Active


Bisley hopes to make her mark on the Australian market at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival and connect with retailers to reach a wider audience. She will also be launching her men’s wear collection at the festival.

“I am hoping the Fashion Festival can connect me to retail buyers in Queensland and throughout Australia, expanding the market of the label from Asia and into the Australian market,” she says.

Arvia Active has adopted a fun and colourful theme, Bisley says: “Arvia Active evokes a feeling of excitement, laughter, active energy as well as lazy days on the beach.”

Bisley’s next big move involves promoting and developing online marketing strategies for her online shop. So, keep an eye out for Arvia Active in Hong Kong at events and festivals.

“Make your mark with Arvia Active.”

The Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival is less than two weeks away and both labels along with many other labels who are taking part in the festival will be tying up loose ends as the date creeps closer.

You can catch +MVMT and Arvia Active on the runway, Saturday the 21st of October and don’t forget to secure your tickets.