What is #TheFrankEffect?

Introducing #TheFrankEffect


Over four years ago, Frank Body was introduced into the Australian market as the first natural coffee scrub for the body. Based in Melbourne, the coffee gurus turned roasted and ground Robusta beans into a scrub that makes you filthy in the shower but smooth and luscious when you step out.

Oh, don’t you just love getting dirty? I know Frank does.

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Women’s Health Week 2017

The 5th annual Women’s Health Week (WHW) is just around the corner with the dates set for the 4th-8th of September.  It’s a special event set in the Australian health event calendar and aims to encourage women to talk about the issues that most of us try to avoid.

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Fitness and four-legged friends

Get pawed up my US readers and subscribers out there because Puppy Spot is your one-stop shop to find your new friend.  Include them into your favourite gym exercises and get fit together. Besides, it’s way more fun working out with someone equally enthused about training.

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