I’m a citizen journalist, hear me roar

As it turns out the 21st century is becoming more advanced with everyone being able to engage with the media and write their own stories. Technically, we all could claim to be journalists if we wanted to. Picture this: you are first to arrive on a scene, whether it was coincidentally or you're a dedicated stalker for a … Continue reading I’m a citizen journalist, hear me roar

The Brow Perfector

I don't know about you but my eyebrows are one of my biggest worries. Sometimes, I would much prefer to leave them in a gorilla state than to have someone who I don't know hack at them and leave me regretting my choice. After the two years of living on the coast, I have gone … Continue reading The Brow Perfector

Shots, shots, shots; Guilt free

Turning another age older is scary! Just ask me, I just turned 23, and trust me, that was a shock to the system! However, it’s the beginning and the start of something special. You now have complete control over your life and what you do with it. Don't forget to think about your health as … Continue reading Shots, shots, shots; Guilt free