The Brow Perfector

After the two years of living on the coast, I have gone from beautician to beautician searching for the right stylist to nurture my brows back to beautiful health. Luckily I found, The Brow Perfector.

I don’t know about you but my eyebrows are one of my biggest worries. Sometimes, I would prefer to leave them in a gorilla state than to have someone who I don’t know hack at them and leave me regretting my choice.

My girlfriend back home is always in a state of shock when she sees me and my eyebrows. Before even saying ‘hello’, it’s ‘who the hell touched your eyebrows’.

Finally, after two years of mostly looking like a gorilla, I had Row, from The Brow Perfector, recommended to me by a friend. I thought what’s another eyebrow experience? It might be good, it might be bad. I’ll give it one last shot.

To my surprise, Row was welcoming and friendly, something that you don’t usually experience when visiting a commercial business. It’s more of a ‘get in, get out’ procedure. Her home-based business in Maroochydore is surrounded by serenity and two friendly dogs who are always happy to see you, regardless if they know you or not.

What to expect at The Brow Perfector

The first 10 minutes of my appointment was spent talking about what I liked about my eyebrows and what I wanted to change. I didn’t even know where to begin, so I left my faith and my brows in Row’s hands.

The precision associated with my experience was undeniably professional and generous. The measurements and explanations of how the perfect brow should look were fascinating.

Finally, after my appointment was over, all the information received in the last 30 minutes was sent to me via SMS so I wouldn’t forget.

I was even given homework to help hurry along the growth of my short eyebrow. This way it would help my new stylist achieve the perfect eyebrow shape.

I’m pretty excited for my next visit!

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The Brow Perfector

Source: The Brow Perfector, Instagram

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