Best Insta inspo people to follow

How many of you are guilty of carefully following your idols on Instagram? I say closely following because the work stalking seems a bit too creepy. I know I have my fair share of favourites I always keep up to date with because sometimes I even lose motivation and want to curl up on the … Continue reading Best Insta inspo people to follow


Well, originally Valentine's Day cheat day was supposed to be the most pleasant day of the last 5 weeks of clean eating. However, after planning the cheat day to the finest of detail, everything backfired. The plan was: Finish work at 3 am and go straight to the gym for an arms session. That was … Continue reading V-DAY CHEAT DAY

Sweating: The pros and cons

If you're anything like me, I LOVE to sweat at the gym. I was always jealous when my partner would leave with his clothes drenched and I hardly even broke a sweat (even though I worked hard and could hardly move). I started to experiment with water intake and supplements. So far, I have found that … Continue reading Sweating: The pros and cons

A 4 Week Dry Spell

Over the last four weeks, I have experienced a dry spell in dieting and training. I'm not sure whether it's because I've injured my shoulders and that put a negative spin on my regime or if the fitness and the dieting world became too much and I started to hate what I was doing? It … Continue reading A 4 Week Dry Spell

The Misconceptions of Dieting

If you have trouble sticking to a diet; health-saviours like Kayla Itsines and Matthew Frenkle cater for your dieting needs. These days it’s super easy to organise a diet and nutrition plan. All you have to do is stick to it, and it’s not for the weak hearted either! You have to want it to … Continue reading The Misconceptions of Dieting

Cheery Churros Mooloolaba: The Ultimate Cheat Day Venue

  Shhhhh! Did you hear that? I have a secret, something that you probably never heard of. The best cheat meal venue any committed athlete could wish for is just around the corner. Introducing Cheery Churros! Feast your eyes on endless amounts of mouth-watering sweets. If you’re a strict dieter who doesn’t allow cheat days … Continue reading Cheery Churros Mooloolaba: The Ultimate Cheat Day Venue

Fitness From A Professionals Point Of View

I’m guessing many of you are wondering where I get my motivation from, especially those of you who actually know me. Originally, I was lazy. I couldn’t motivate myself for the gym or anything relating to physical activity. Photo credit: Mitchell ShepherdToday, I interviewed the co-founder of BioFitness Personal Training, Mitchell Shepherd, to get some insight on his … Continue reading Fitness From A Professionals Point Of View

A change for the better

Tomorrow I'm going into my fourth week of carb-cycling, intense training and cardio. I have noticed a significant change in my body; I've become stronger, and I've started to see muscle definition. The weights I am lifting and the reps I am achieving show that motivation and sacrifice pay off. The health professionals are reputable when … Continue reading A change for the better

The Long Journey of Dieting

I moved to Queensland exactly one year ago and established my life, routine and new habits. I'm a completely young and independent woman who runs my life the way I want it to, with little to no outer influences. One huge interest of mine is the gym, and I still can't believe how much time … Continue reading The Long Journey of Dieting