The Float Space Experience

If you thought about all the hours in a day and how you spend your hours, would you be happy? Are you stressed out? Anxious? Depressed? Or even suffering from muscle aches and pains? Would you like to experience something completely out of this world and feel like you've lost spatial awareness? I'm going to tell … Continue reading The Float Space Experience

Christmas Food Comas

  If you have amazing discipline and didn't cave in to the delicious foods of Christmas, then I personally congratulate you. However, if you were in the other group of food getting the better of you, then I also congratulate you. Because, you've allowed yourself to enjoy the one day in the year that the … Continue reading Christmas Food Comas

Getting to the bottom of allergies

I recently had an allergy test done at my local skin specialist because my eczema started to become unbearable. I've suffered from this skin condition since I was a little girl, but finally decided to get to the bottom of it and try to avoid it or perhaps control the situation. I had around 40 allergens … Continue reading Getting to the bottom of allergies

101 Bucket List Ideas

  We all have goals and ambition in life. Whether your aim is to land a job in a multi-million dollar company where you rake in the cash and realistically wipe your nose with a one-hundred dollar note. Or, chill on the streets earning minimum wage and wasting your money on alcohol and drugs. I'm … Continue reading 101 Bucket List Ideas

Reducing Stress During Exams

It's that time of the semester again when stress is at its peak. As a university student myself, I know that once the semester is over and you submit your final assessment your body goes into holiday mode and forgets everything that you have learned over the last 13 weeks. Plus, all the awesome end … Continue reading Reducing Stress During Exams