Shots, shots, shots; Guilt free

Turning another age older is scary! Just ask me, I just turned 23, and trust me, that was a shock to the system! However, it’s the beginning and the start of something special. You now have complete control over your life and what you do with it. Don't forget to think about your health as … Continue reading Shots, shots, shots; Guilt free

Optimum Nutrition: 100% Casein

If I could pick any protein to drink, it would be Optimum Nutrition's 100% casein, because it creates thick and delicious mixtures, just like smoothies. Casein is a slow release protein, so it's best to drink it at nighttime when your body is relaxing. Personally, I drink this in the morning as a shake with a banana … Continue reading Optimum Nutrition: 100% Casein

Awkward Relationship Barriers Revealed

Everyone knows when you start to show interest in someone you have to be on your best behaviour and when I say that, I mean not turning them off as soon as they get to know you because you happen to be the most disgusting individual ever. So, the question that remains is, when is … Continue reading Awkward Relationship Barriers Revealed

10 Health Facts About Sex

There is a lot more involved in sex than two people becoming physically close and sharing emotions or in some cases similar ideas in having a quickie (each to their own). I bet many people don’t know the health benefits of having sex. Everyone who has experienced sex knows how it feels and how it … Continue reading 10 Health Facts About Sex

Help! I’m Addicted To My Vibrator

Come on ladies; I know you all have that special friend who rocks your world and no, I'm not talking about your crazy-weirdo friend who leaves you in hysterics because they think they're funny. Now, whether your 'special friend' vibrates at eight different speeds or spins in multiple directions, it's going to do you justice. Guaranteed … Continue reading Help! I’m Addicted To My Vibrator

Ménage à trois

Whether you admit it or not, your sex life is somewhat boring. Originally it made your blood rush around your body and sent tantalising sexual pulses to your clitoris or penis. Karma Sutra has become your most read book, and you've visited enough porn sites to satisfy a nymphomanic's addiction. Enough is enough! What your … Continue reading Ménage à trois

16 Thoughts A Girl Has When Giving A Blow Job

Hopefully, you're the type of girl that can see fairness in oral foreplay. You know, like receiving and also giving back? Don't be selfish in these situations. In this circumstance, it's only fair that if you receive you, you should give back. Unless you don't know the person, then it's okay for oral to be completely … Continue reading 16 Thoughts A Girl Has When Giving A Blow Job

Squirting 101

Squirting: The magical orgasm women can have that releases vaginal fluids and shows your man he's doing something right. However, why is it that not many of us can achieve squirting? Or even orgasm at all? Don't be fooled, not every women can have an orgasm and if it looks like she is faking it … Continue reading Squirting 101

Fitness From A Professionals Point Of View

I'm guessing many of you are wondering where I get my motivation from, especially those of you who actually know me. Originally, I was lazy. I couldn't motivate myself for the gym or anything relating to physical activity. Today, I interviewed the co-founder of BioFitness Personal Training, Mitchell Shepherd, to get some insight on his opinions … Continue reading Fitness From A Professionals Point Of View

Arch It Girl!

Technically, there are two categories of girls: the girly girl and the tomboy, the good girl and the bad girl and the girl who arches her back during doggy-style and the girl who doesn't. You can't scream 'take me from behind', bend over and not arch your back ... are you asking for an injury? … Continue reading Arch It Girl!