I’m a citizen journalist, hear me roar

As it turns out the 21st century is becoming more advanced with everyone being able to engage with the media and write their own stories. Technically, we all could claim to be journalists if we wanted to. Picture this: you are first to arrive on a scene, whether it was coincidentally or you're a dedicated stalker for a … Continue reading I’m a citizen journalist, hear me roar

This Seasons Newest Fashion Accessory: Karma

Originally, my first article about the phoney fashion designer Shardz Houranis detailed the inappropriate and disgusting behaviour that myself and many other models encountered during the period we worked for him. It has come to my attention that recently the media has updated the public on the ongoing investigation of the "designer". I remembered working … Continue reading This Seasons Newest Fashion Accessory: Karma

A21 Campaign: Be Her Freedom

On the 1st of August, I was invited to attend the Be Her Freedom event that aimed to spread awareness and raise money for women and children subjected to human trafficking and sex slavery. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to buy a ticket worth $70, so I volunteered instead. The event was organised by a group … Continue reading A21 Campaign: Be Her Freedom

Phoney Fashion Designer Exposed

Recently, supposed fashion designer and model agent Shardz Houranis has been accused by his ex-models of groping and harassing them. This blog post is an opinion on the situation since I was also a victim of the harassment and nastiness. A Facebook page called Say NO to Sanja Fashion was created with the hope of warning young first-time … Continue reading Phoney Fashion Designer Exposed

Where Is Journalism Headed?

I know how this will sound coming from a 22-year-old, Generation Y, and 'I think I know it all' individual. But, media has come a long way since the Sydney Gazette printed their first newspaper in 1803. Don't worry; I know what you're thinking, what does she know about the classical times? Well, if I'm being … Continue reading Where Is Journalism Headed?