Float Space Experience

If you thought about all the hours in a day and how you spend your hours, would you be happy? Are you stressed out? Anxious? Depressed? Or even suffering from muscle aches and pains?

Would you like to experience something completely out of this world and feel like you’ve lost spatial awareness? Yes? Then, ‘float’ is your answer.

I’m going to tell you about my float experience to the best of my ability without sounding like a hallucinating hippie.

My first step into the float tank I felt a bit of nausea because the weight of the water was heavy and dense compared to regular gravity that I was used to.

The water was warm and contained 500 kg of Epsom salts, which practically forces your body to float. I had the option of turning the light off and shutting the hood, which my first attempt resulted in having a minor anxiety attack because my body couldn’t understand why it didn’t have any control anymore.

I turned the light back onto readjust in the tank and closed my eyes for 15 minutes until I felt comfortable enough to turn the light off and shut the hood.

Finally, in my own time, I was comfortable enough to do this.

Now the fun began with the hallucinations and entering a new dimension. When my body relaxed completely, I couldn’t tell the difference between the water and the air; like I was floating in space with zero gravity.

My goal was to turn my mind off from all external distractions and brain signals. Focusing on absolutely nothing for an hour was a challenge, especially when my day-to-day schedule is go-go-go!

My thoughts started at my worries and stresses; work, university, financial, etc. And then they become more simple. I began recognising that I couldn’t feel my extremities. Instead, I could hear my heartbeat, my pulses and my stomach gurgling; all the little things that we tend not to notice.

I drifted in and out of awareness and when I came back into awareness it was because my body twitched in the tank. My brain was sending signals to my muscles to see if I was still responsive. I ignored my twitches and brain signals and continued to lay there, concentrating on my breathing.

When it was finished, my body was sedated, and I had to rediscover gravity again. I moved my fingers one by one, but it felt foreign.

One hour feels like forever when you block out sound, light, movement and gravity. I completely lost all sense of where I was, what I wanted, who I was and what I was doing.

It’s an experience that helps with:

  • Relaxation
  • Recovery
  • Sleep
  • Pain relief
  • Creativity
  • Learning

In a one-hour float session, your body receives 4-8 hours of sleep.

How does the float space work??

Well, the water adjusts to your body temperature and you lose the sense of where you are.

I highly recommend this to anyone. Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety, pain or even if you just want to experience the most relaxed sensation of your life. Do it!

Words couldn’t describe how I felt when I left the tank and the sitting in the quiet room sipping on some complimentary home-brew tea. It was when I got home I landed safely back on earth and cherished my experience.

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