Frank Body

Over four years ago, Frank Body was introduced into the Australian market as the first natural coffee scrub for the body. Based in Melbourne, the coffee gurus turned roasted and ground Robusta beans into a scrub that makes you filthy in the shower but smooth and luscious when you step out.

Oh, don’t you just love getting dirty? I know Frank does.

I must say, my obsession for coffee has reached an all new level. Now, instead of drinking coffee I rub it all over my body and enjoy the sweet scent of orange mocha frappuccino. Yum!

I use the Original Coffee Scrub on a weekly basis, usually on a Friday to remove the week-long stress and dead skin. However, for best results use it 3-5 times a week ongoing, you’ll be glowing and the envy of every girl trying to achieve baby smooth skin.

Be warned – if you’re precious about your shower, getting dirty is inevitable but it’s the good kind of dirty. It kind of looks like you had an instant coffee confetti party in your shower. Which reminds me, it’s more fun to use Frank with a friend. Hashtag #thefrankeffect and show off your dirtiest duckface. Yes, Frank Body is great for the face too.

OMG, what do I do with Frank Body?

  1. Get naked.
  2. Jump in the shower, bonus points for getting dirty with a friend.
  3. Get dirty. Grab a handful and massage in a circular motion.
  4. Wait 2-3 minutes to get the most out of your dirty new habit.
  5. Take a picture and hashtag #thefrankeffect – upload to IG.
  6. Rinse off, pat yourself dry and follow through with Frank’s moisturiser range.

What’s it gonna cost me?

Frank caters for all types of babes, especially those who treat their skin with the utmost TLC.

It will set you back $16.95 for a 200g bag of The Original Coffee Scrub. If your Frank sachet is open, it will keep for 12 months when stored in a dry environment and 24 months if unopened. I’m always sharing the shower with Frank, he never leaves my side – he’s just that good.

What’s in Frank?

100% natural goodness! No chemicals, fillers, parabens or microbeads. Plus, no animal testing, hooray!

And, it’s not just the pure deliciousness of coffee. There’s also:

  • Sea Salt – targets the uneven skin.
  • Cold-pressed sweet almond oil – helps to relieve the winter flaky skin and dryness.
  • Caffeine – duh! Wake yourself up from the outside in!

Check out the range and decide for yourself. I can’t decide what I want to try next, the Glow Mask, the Coconut Body Balm, OMG, the Shimmer Scrub! Any excuse is a good excuse to look like a unicorn.


I found my Frank friend and we got dirty!

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