100% Casein Protein

If I could pick any protein to drink, it would be Optimum Nutrition 100% casein because it creates thick and delicious mixtures, just like smoothies. Casein is a slow release protein, so it’s best to drink it at nighttime when your body is relaxing. Personally, I drink this in the morning as a shake with a banana or as a pudding mixed with overnight oats on some occasions, other times I drink it before bed because I go to sleep on a full and happy stomach.

Joshua Watkin, the owner of Mass Nutrition Kawana and Mooloolaba, says: “Casein proteins are known for their thick Creamy consistently, and Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard is no different. Mixing a Casein protein can be difficult, and they do tend to clump if not mixed properly. It is, for this reason, I always add more Water or Milk to ensure a smooth texture for consuming.”

The aim of this slow-release protein is to help your body recovery when it’s not receiving the desired nutrients, such as when you’re sleeping. Your body takes longer to break the protein down because of the ingredients. It also has anti-catabolic and muscle-recovery proteins, which aids muscles after intense workouts.

Casein Flavours

  • Banana
  • Chocolate
  • Blueberries and cream
  • Choc peanut butter
  • Cookies and cream
  • Vanilla

Personally, having tried the banana and chocolate flavours, they both taste great, and when added to your favourite smoothie combination, it adds a thick and creamy like texture. I feel when proteins create a thick texture your body is convinced that you have consumed more. Plus, it tastes sensational!

Slow-release protein contains

  • 24g of anti-catabolic micellar protein
  • Around 5g of natural BCAAs per scoop
  • Around 5g of natural glutamine and glutamine acid per scoop

“Users tend to notice a major difference in muscle growth when used at night due to the steady flow of Amino acids into the muscle while they sleep over 7-8 hours. For those looking for fat loss, Casein is a suitable choice to use throughout the day. Users will notice a ‘fuller’ feeling after consuming a Casein throughout the day. It’s, for this reason, most ‘meal replacement’ Protein powders will contain a blend of proteins including Casein,” he says.

Each flavour varies in nutritional value, so it’s best to check the label to see if it will fit in with your daily diet.

To buy this wonderful product, Mass Nutrition Kawana and Mooloolaba always have this in stock, and if you miss out, there is always an order ready. If you aren’t a Sunshine Coast local like me, head to Mass Nutrition online and stock up on all the flavours, because honestly, they all sound mouth-watering!

For a 2lb container you’re looking at $59.95 and a 4lb container $89.95, that’s a pretty standard price for the best slow-release protein on the market.

I know there are many proteins and slow-release proteins on the market, but this one is worth having in your supplement space. You will not regret it.

Product Rating:

Taste: 10/10

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