The Quick Flick; two things we all look for in an eyeliner – the flick and the quick part. How many of you are guilty of adding to your eyeliner because they’re uneven, resulting in panda eyes? There is now a quick and easy solution to your eyeliner problems.

It’s almost Christmas time and there’s always someone you don’t know what to buy for. If you’re stuck for ideas for your niece, sister, mother, or even your grandmother, The Quick Flick is a quick and thoughtful Christmas gift. 

What is The Quick Flick?

With four easy steps to follow, you can apply the perfect eyeliner wing without the panda look

One: Prime your eye
Stamp your eye
Three: Line your eye
Four: Wing

Where to buy The Quick Flick eyeliner?

You can buy The Quick Flick directly from the website, or if you’re short for time and you’re an Orange or Bathurst local, Macquarie Medi Spa stock this brilliant product.

What makes The Quick Flick Eyeline unique?

The Colour Range

  • Hot Fudge
  • Blue Velvet
  • Intense Black

The sizes

It’s no secret, our eyes come in different styles and shapes. The Quick Flick have created a guide to help you choose the right flick for your age and eye shape

  • Petite: 8mm
  • Modest: 10mm
  • Grand: 12mm

Check out the reviews from other customers who have tried the product. It gives you a good indication of eye colours, age and the size of the eyeliner. Of course, if you get stuck, you can always email through and get someone to help you pick the right eyeliner. 

Check our Macquarie Medi Spa to avoid the shipping wait. Good things come to those who wait, or you can go out and buy it straight away at Macquarie Medi Spa.

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