skip cardio

Gone be the days where walking on the treadmill for an hour was the way to lose weight and look good. Skip cardio and head to the weights room. You’re more likely to burn more calories lifting weights and building muscle than you are running on a treadmill. Lose fat, gain muscle and get strong. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a HIIT session or two or a 10-minute warm-up or cool-down cardio session, but don’t make cardio your sole focus.

7 reasons to skip cardio

1. Cardio doesn’t build a booty.

2. Cardio doesn’t increase your strength.

3. It’s boring!

4. There’s no challenge.

5. Burning a decent amount of calories takes hours on a treadmill.

6. No one jumps out of bed and says “Let’s do cardio!”

7. Gains. You won’t get them in the cardio room.

Skip Cardio

If you feel the need to do cardio, then aim for a 10-minute interval session before or after your weights session. Limit it to only a couple times a week and really focus on your strength training.

On a personal level, I don’t get any fulfillment from cardio and believe it’s a waste of time spending hours in the cardio room.

I add a bit of cardio to my gym routine and it looks like this:

  • 5-minutes on a high level that really burns your glutes, followed by;
  • 5-minutes on the lowest level

I will do this cardio routine 2-3 per week and that’s it. Majority of my weight loss comes from a good diet – tracking my macros and strength training.

I would love to do my 10-minutes on a stair master, however, the machine in the picture works just as good. There’s a constant tension on my glutes on a high level and when they reach exhaustion (around 5 minutes) I drop it to the lowest level to completely tire my glutes.

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