Women's Health Week

The 5th annual Women’s Health Week (WHW) is just around the corner with the dates set for the 4th-8th of September.  It’s a special event set in the Australian health event calendar and aims to encourage women to talk about the issues that most of us try to avoid.

During the five-day event, the topics in focus are:

  • Monday: Heart health
  • Tuesday: Mindfulness
  • Wednesday: Bone health
  • Thursday: Physical activity
  • Friday: Sleep and fatigue

Us women need to stick together and take care of each other and it has taken one special and dedicated woman, Jean Hailes, to bring us together and tackle those tough topics.

A 2016 survey conducted by Jean Hailes medical experts show that out of 3200 women and health experts we are most concerned about:

  • Body image
  • Weight
  • Mental and emotional health
  • Female specific cancers

If you would like to show your support, you can by hosting your own event, as an individual, workplace or professional.

Women’s Health Week Events:

For individuals:

  • Trivia night
  • Healthy morning tea
  • Fun run
  • Pamper party
  • Bring-a-plate

Health professionals:

  • Health Expo
  • Free health checks
  • Fitness class
  • Cooking class
  • Information session


  • Healthy lunch
  • Exercise class
  • Guest speakers
  • Mindfulness training
  • Team sport challenge

You can find more information in the event guide.

If you can’t host an event you can spread the awareness on social media, download the promotional material and hashtag #WomensHealthWeek to show your support.

Facebook: @JeanHailesforWomensHealth
Twitter: @JeanHailes
Instagram: @JeanHailes
LinkedIn: Jean Hailes for Women’s Health


Women's Health WeekAbout Jean Hailes:

Jean Hailes founded The Women’s Health Week in 1993 and this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. During the year of 1971, Hailes opened her first women’s clinic specialising in midlife and menopause. It was the first of its kind and soon after another clinic was created by her dedicated colleagues after her passing in 1988.

To this day, Women’s Health Week is nationally recognised and with the two locations set up, it attracts around 14,000 patients per year focusing on women’s emotional and physical health and overall well-being.


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